Our Production

Boundless variety

More transparent then our filament

Our production in Berlin is designed to do the right thing: The manufacturing process revolves around the recycled material - with which the series is made - and not the other way around. Our partners are manufacturing factories that believe in our reuse and provide us with waste products that they can no longer use. Directly from their production to ours. Minimal emissions and no waste through conviction and good communication.


In-house design

We know what our customers want and what our products must be able to do. The construction - i.e. the computer-aided design - is carried out in-house, whereby our quality standards are always adhered to. We sketch the virtual designs on site, taking into account the properties of the recycled material and what functionality the end product should have.


Calibrate. Level. Print. Sleep. Repeat.

morphosa_vase produktbild94

Iteration and improvement, until perfection. It is the most exciting stage in the development process of a Morphosa design. Thanks to the mixed composition of the recycled polymers, unexpected production results are inevitable. The prototypes are analyzed and adjusted as often as necessary until the material and the design merge into one beautiful form.

Serial production

Absolutely clean.

Once all parameters are correctly calibrated, it is up to our automated machines to make our creations available. Our low-consumption 3D printers are optimized to minimize consumption. There is no waste material. Neither material that is disposed of nor environmentally harmful substances or gases.  


Optimized in sizes. Exactly what's needed.


Climate neutral. By the shortest route.

Our commitment to conserving resources does not end with production and packaging, but at your doorstep. With the climate-neutral shipping option GoGreen from DHL, we have chosen a partner whose service is CO2-neutral thanks to investments in certified climate protection projects. Thanks to our proximity to the mega parcel center in Ludwigsfelde, no transport routes are wasted. Regional and emission-free. A perfect combination.

Vase Monolith

We have rethought production.
Produced with 97% recycling plastic , but uncompromising, robust and durable.

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