About us

Regional excellence.

Domestic production. Completely different.

We offer unique one-off pieces and combine classic designs with exceptional features.
We use recycled materials and produce in the heart of Germany. The shortest route to your home.

Our Purpose: Local cycle

1. Product design & recycling
Entwicklung von kreativen Designs aus diversen und heimischen Abfällen.
2. reinvestment & scaling production
Invest income from the projects in machinery. We want to be able to recycle different types of waste with additional production lines and thus increase volumes.
3. reduce imports & stop waste exports
Expansion of use cases to supply regional industrial manufacturers with components made from recycled raw materials. Until plastic waste is neither incinerated nor exported.


The principle of regionality

Morphosa Berlin was not created to achieve the usual economic goals, such as maximizing profits and market share, but to do what is currently considered uneconomical by most companies: To manufacture and sell products in Germany while using regional plastic waste. Of course, the monetary aspects mentioned above also play a role, but only a secondary one. The development of a new design is therefore particularly challenging and exciting, as the (recycled) plastic used is the starting point for the concept and not the other way around.

It is not only private households that can prevent climate change, but also companies that rethink their production and align their actions with the needs of the planet.

Our society no longer knows what to do with its waste. We load containers of waste onto ships and dump them so far away that we no longer have to think about them (keyword Atacama). We process domestic waste and want to bring about a rethink in our society's procurement of materials and understanding of consumption.

Our 6 pillars

EU Production

Vase Monolith

We have rethought production.
Produced with 97% recycling plastic , but uncompromising, robust and durable.


Resource-saving production through optimized calibration. 100% free of harmful substances and scrap.

Our Resources

Unusual materials achieve outstanding results. Find out what our products are made of.