Vase Monolith


Price per piece incl. shipping costs within Germany

Delivery time 2-4 working days within Germany.

  • Produced with 97 % recycling-PLA from disposed ink catriges.
  • Weighted down with recycled glass
  • Made in Berlin. Regionality and minimal transportation routes.
  • Limited to 785 pieces.
  • NFC technology in the base of the vase indicates piece number.
  • Extremely robust thanks to FDM-Technology. Ideal for children's homes.
  • Polygons create vivid contrasts. With flowers or as a standalone.

Height: 21,7 cm
Weight: 340g

Made In Germany

Environmentally friendly production

95 % EU-Recyclingmaterial


Our production reduces waste instead of generating it.  

Plastik Glas

Quality and sustainability combined: Designed and Made in Germany.

Carbon footprint

We produce each model ourselves in Berlin and the entire production of a vase causes only 0,38 kg CO2. Comparable European vases made of glass or ceramic cause at least 3.49 kg of CO2 due to the long energy-intensive production and long transportation routes. The calculations are based on the data available to us and are to be regarded as estimates.


The innovative FDM 3D printing process enables artistic boundlessness. We have invested our time in the right thing: Our fine-tuned printers achieve a precision of up to 0.08 mm. Thanks to this precision, no resources are wasted. Every gram of waste is reused.


We use R-PLA, which is made from old toner and ink cartridges from the Armor Group, the parent company of the French manufacturer Kimya. This raw material contains no chemical pollutants and does not produce any toxic fumes or other waste during production. The R-PLA is 97% recycled.

Uncompromising and fall-proof

A robust eye-catcher.
Perfect for family households.

The Monolith vase is unbreakable thanks to special manufacturing.
No shards.
Absolutely safe for children and pets.

NFC technology: verifiably unique

We integrate an NFC chip and the item number into each copy. The authenticity is permanently retrievable and the chip is also write-protected. Once embedded in the vase, the contents can no longer be changed.

No sales tax shown, as small business owner according to § 19 UStG.

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